This is the new buildbot in training.

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Only a few distro/architecture/realtime-config combos are available for now:

bookworm amd64 uspace deb bookworm master-uspace 2.9-uspace scratch-uspace
bullseye amd64 uspace deb bullseye master-uspace 2.9-uspace scratch-uspace
buster amd64 uspace deb buster master-uspace 2.9-uspace 2.8-uspace scratch-uspace
stretch i686 uspace deb stretch 2.8-uspace scratch-uspace
jessie i686 uspace deb jessie 2.8-uspace scratch-uspace
wheezy amd64 uspace deb wheezy 2.8-uspace scratch-uspace
precise i686 rtai deb precise 2.8-rtai scratch-rtai